Lesbian Bachelorettes Say Farewell to the Single Life

Traditionally a bachelorette party was designed as a way for friends of the bride-to-be to send their friend off on a final farewell from the single life. Similar to the bachelor party women have enjoyed one final hoorah before taking the leap into married life. However, as relationships in the United States change so do the traditions associated with them. Currently nine states allow some form of same sex marriage and this means that lesbian couples across the nation now have the opportunity to live in matrimony.

Typically a bachelorette party is thrown by the brides maid of honor. When there are two brides each woman is entitled to their own bachelorette party. If the couple choice to have a united party that is their decision but unless that is stated up front a separate party is in order for each. Specifically each woman should be taken out on the same night and have their parties planned by different people. This ensures that neither partner is left at home on the night of their significant others evening of fun and debauchery.

A lesbian bachelorette party can be a fun filled night for all attendees. Many people automatically think of strippers when they think of a bachelorette party but that need not be the case. There are a variety of other activities out there including the new spin on a Tupperware party called a Slumber Party. Slumber parties are becoming the next big thing. These are parties where women meet with an adult sex toy company representative and get to learn about various toys and products on the market in a private and intimate setting. As a bachelorette party the brides best friend would host the party and provide beverages, specifically wine or other alcohol, as well as finger foods. The representative would come in and give her presentation as well as allow the guests to sample certain products. This is a fun way to send the bride-to-be off into marital bliss and generally the guests will enjoy it as much as the bride.

Another idea similar to the slumber party theme is to have a lingerie party. Advice guests to get creative and ransack adult toy stores looking for fun and outrageous lingerie. It is always fun to see who can make the bride-to-be blush. If the couple is planning a rainbow themed wedding ask the guests to bring in bright colored lingerie reflecting the colors of the rainbow flag. For this you can incorporate the rainbow in the party decorations as well as hors douevres.

Another trend is eco-conscious celebrations which include booking the party at a hotel where the destination places can be arrived at on foot. Walking to an all natural or organic restaurant before going out for some drinks at an upscale bar or restaurant is a great way to celebrate with an environmentally friendly bride as well as avoid drinking and driving.

Not all lesbian bachelorette parties need to be about partying. It is just as acceptable for a group of friends to book a trip to any kind of event that the bride-to-be enjoys, for example a Broadway Play, local concert or favorite sporting event.

No matter what type of bachelorette party you choice be sure to keep in mind that just because two women are getting married does not mean that either is not entitled to a special day to celebrate their departure from the single life. In some places the idea of a same sex marriage is still controversial despite changing laws.